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Car Fleet Dealerships

Automate car wash services to save time and reduce costs for dealerships, garages, and car rental agencies.

Optimize the use of chemical products and recycle up to 90% of water with our GreenMatik washing tunnels and rollovers for a quality washing service. Descale the dirt with the best active foam, wash deeply but gently with our latest generation EVA brushes, Soft G-Flex, and dry with the touch of shine our wax provides—all in record time!

The benefits of automating your car wash service with a GreenMatik rollover or tunnel are as follows:

1. Save money in your washing processes.

The more cars you wash each day, the lower the cost per car, optimizing water, chemical, and labor usage for each wash. Clean more effectively using fewer chemicals and less water, and minimizing payroll and staff turnover expenses. The payback period is 18 months. Request a comparison chart from our business consultants for washing with a pressure washer and manual drying versus automated washing.

Save time and ensure consistent wash quality for all vehicles.

Washing and drying a vehicle in just over one minute is now possible. With the automatic dispensing of water, active foam, and a drying agent/wax, every car receives the same high-quality wash, dry, and shine in record time. We help you choose the equipment that best suits your operational needs. We offer models with production speeds ranging from 15 to 80 cars per hour.

Save water and reduce your community's water footprint by using it wisely.

Our treatment and reuse systems allow you to wash a car with less than 15 liters of water and prevent the discharge of wastewater containing harmful substances into the subsoil and public drains.

In addition to being socially responsible, your company saves thousands of liters of water and money monthly.

4. 365 days a year, no technical downtime with "NonWAIT" support.

Thanks to our innovative “NonWAIT” program, your business can continue operating without interruptions. Up to 5 years of extended warranty, real-time remote monitoring for diagnostics and quick solutions, a spare parts kit on consignment, and basic technical training for your staff are some of the benefits that only GreenMatik offers. You don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, spare parts, or consumables for your equipment. We take care of you.

Learn about our NonWAIT PROGRAM

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A car wash is a profitable business, invest now!

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