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MATIK'S Series

You can choose from 6 basic models, lengths from 10 to 25 meters, and configurations from 5 to 12 brushes.

Modules of mobile drying strips and drying cloth brushes SPS (Super Polish System) to optimize the drying and polishing of the vehicle.

There are three drive systems available: steel chain with rollers, POM plastic chain, and double three-strand POM plastic chain, ideal for self-service installations.

Available accessories: lava foam, Tri-foam, and high-pressure modules. AQUA and PREMIUM package.

Production speed of 40 to 80 vehicles per hour.

The MATIK'S series of tunnels are designed for high performance with optimal investment, operation, and maintenance costs.

* Indicative prices excluding VAT for models with basic configuration. Transport and installation included.

We have

3 dragging systems:

1) Metal roller chain:

High-strength metal alloy chain with special rubber-coated rollers and reinforced shaft. The base and sides of the passage channel are made of stainless steel. The chain has a durability of more than 100,000 washes. Requires periodic greasing and alignment.

2) Plastic conveyor:

Manufactured with POM, a high stiffness and low friction material, it can last over 600,000 washings. It is guaranteed for three years and requires little maintenance every 50,000 washes. It allows the passage of all kinds of tires and low-body cars.

3) Double conveyor:

They are specially designed for unattended car washes. This patented 3-section design (with one motor per section) allows the driver to select the gear to P (Park) and the washing process to be carried out with the car on or off. As all four wheels are on the conveyor, the driver has a greater sense of security and avoids incidents in case of accidentally stepping on the brakes. It is warranted for three years and requires minor maintenance every 100,000 washes.

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