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Water Treatment System


Water is essential for cleaning, but it must be used responsibly.

At GREENMATIK, we understand the importance of conserving water, a scarce resource for life and social welfare. Our water treatment system allows you to reuse up to 90% of the water from each wash.

Can you imagine washing a car with less than 15 liters of water?

With GreenMatik, it is possible. By utilizing our physicochemical recyclers with efficient water collection grids and a lateral enclosure in the washing area, you can achieve remarkable reductions in water consumed per car. This results in significant cost savings and contributes directly to environmental conservation by minimizing the impact on the water footprint.

GREENMATIK water recyclers. Saves ecologically...

We have a complete range of physico-chemical water recyclers for water treatment from washing cars, buses, and trucks, with the capacity for water flows to be treated from 4 to 24 m3/h. Our recyclers are part of the treatment system that cleans the water by removing particles of organic matter, sludge, foam, grease, and hydrocarbons and then rinsing it so that it can be reused again in all washing processes.

The water recycling system can use subway concrete cisterns or external high-density polyethylene tanks.

GREENMATIK always offers you a solution tailored to your needs.

How can the quality of the wash be improved without affecting the water footprint? NEVER OSMOTIZE. ALWAYS SOFTEN.

Why should we never osmotize our car wash water?

GREENMATIK strongly discourages the use of osmosis water in washing processes because of its high environmental cost. Reverse osmosis equipment needs from 2 to 12 liters of raw water to produce 1 liter of osmosis water, depending on the state of conservation and maintenance of the equipment. In the best case scenario, the 2 liters of reject water generated by producing 1 liter of osmosis water cannot be reused in a car wash, so the impact on the water footprint is extremely high and unjustified.

How do I obtain a good quality wash while respecting the environment?

It is possible to strike a balance between quality and environmental responsibility. We have extensive experience operating car wash businesses in different countries. Over the years, we have dealt with varying water qualities and tested numerous systems available in the market. We aimed to find ways to reduce the amount of magnesium and calcium salts present in the water used for the final rinse. These salts often leave undesirable whitish stains on the paintwork. To be efficient and environmentally friendly in areas with hard water in your supply network, you only need to install one of the water softeners recommended by our business advisors.

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