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Choose from 4 models with configurations from 3 to 7 brushes.

Customize your wash rollover with all the accessories and colors that we offer you.

Positioning system and vehicle width with LED display.

Anti-splash cover for vertical brushes.

Production speed of 15 to 20 vehicles per hour.

With our XPRESS series rollovers, you need little space and little investment to significantly improve the profitability of your car wash business, minimizing costs and maximizing profits. Whether at a gas station, shopping mall, supermarket parking lot, car rental company, car dealership, or minor, well-located lot in your city, XPRESS Series rollovers will meet your automated washing needs.

To do big business in small spaces. Rollovers of the XPRESS series only need 50 m2 to operate. Never before has it been so easy to have a profitable and sustainable car wash.

* Indicative prices excluding VAT for models with basic configuration. Transport and installation included.

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A car wash is a profitable business; invest now!

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