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A car wash increases the profitability of service stations.

The service stations of the 21st century will integrate a car wash business.

The constant fluctuation in oil prices and the increasing regulation and competition in the gas sector leave a minimal profit margin for the sale of fuel at service stations throughout Mexico. Implementing an automated vehicle washing service at the service station can provide an additional revenue stream and boost profitability.

A car wash integrated into the service station is a great complementary business since customers need to refuel periodically, just as they need to wash their cars an average of once a week. Numerous examples in the United States, Europe, and Asia show that selling fuel and car washing is a successful combination. At GreenMatik, we believe it’s time to introduce this business model to Mexico.

The benefits of adding car wash service to service stations are as follows:

  1. Increased average customer ticket customer.

  2. Possibility of cross-selling at the pump or convenience store, facilitating the purchase of a car wash service when the customer goes to pay for gasoline.

  3. The option to activate promotions by giving away a free wash for every certain number of liters refueled will create customer loyalty for commercial fleets, cabs, and Uber drivers.

  4. Integrated shopping convenience. Customers today expect convenience, finding everything they need in one place: fuel, car wash, level check, convenience store, coffee, and take-out food.

After deciding to add a car wash service to the station’s services, we can choose between an express, complete, or self-service mode. Depending on our vehicle flow forecast and space availability, we can install a rollover or tunnel wash.

Undoubtedly, the future of profitability for Mexico’s service stations lies in integrating a car wash business into their facilities, which will increase the attractiveness for passing customers and further increase the loyalty of regular customers.

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A car wash is a profitable business; invest now!

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