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GreenMatik and AVIS Mexico have formed a new commercial alliance.

We are pleased to announce our recent commercial alliance with AVIS Mexico (Grupo Gomex), a renowned car rental brand.

This strategic collaboration is more than just a partnership. We are joining forces to provide an exceptional and complete car rental experience for AVIS Mexico customers. But also, what does this mean for the company? Here are some key benefits:

  1. Brand Image Maintenance: For AVIS Mexico, the quality and presentation of its vehicles are fundamental. Our car wash system ensures that every car leaving our facility is clean and ready to impress customers, thus maintaining the AVIS brand image at all times.
  2. Operational Efficiency: By integrating a car wash into the vehicle rental facility, AVIS Mexico can optimize its operations, saving time and resources by avoiding transferring vehicles to external car washes.

This partnership not only strengthens our commitment to optimizing the washing processes of large companies but also marks a step forward in improving the overall car rental experience for AVIS Mexico customers, where convenience, quality, and efficiency are paramount.

We thank AVIS Mexico for joining us on this exciting journey!

We are continuing to make progress…

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