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GreenMatik has partnered with Europcar Mexico to promote innovation in the car rental industry.

We start the year with exciting news!

We are pleased to announce our new commercial alliance with Europcar Mexico, a leading brand in the car rental sector. This partnership is a significant move towards our commitment to offer innovative solutions and improve the industry.

Saving time and reducing washing costs is essential in a car rental agency. How to do it? Automating the process using GreenMatik’s rollover and tunnel car wash.

Europcar Mexico has chosen our MK7 SWPlus model, which is made of 304 stainless steel and equipped with seven brushes, two of which are mobile for wheel washing. These brushes provide an excellent level of cleaning to rims and tires.

In addition, this extraordinary tunnel has a 4-turbine contour following a drying module, a double plastic drag chain system, and our innovative loT remote monitoring system.

We greatly appreciate Europcar Mexico’s trust in our shared vision of innovation and excellence.

We keep moving forward!

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