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Grow your CarWash revenue.

For GreenMatik, the most important thing is to generate profitable and sustainable business.

Before selling any equipment, we ensure that the location, space, and traffic meet your car wash’s requirements to succeed.

After the grand opening, we must focus on increasing sales. To measure your business income, multiply the number of services you provide daily by the average cost of each service. This will give you a magic formula to determine your earnings. If you can convince your customers to buy the more expensive packages and wash more cars per day, you’ll be on your way to building your car wash chain. It’s a simple strategy that can yield excellent results!

Well, let’s take a break, and let me pass on some tips that will help you generate more sales and loyal customers:

The service packages

One crucial moment in any business is when a customer visits for the first time and is presented with the menu of services. Although you may not realize it, the customer is mentally weighing the need to wash their car against the value of each service offered and comparing it to the price they are willing to pay. This moment is crucial because it can determine whether the customer will use your services.

Customers visit an automated car wash to clean their cars and enjoy a fulfilling experience. This experience should begin when they are presented with the service menu. It should be clear and precise, showing the differences between one package. Make sure to verify that the package you choose fulfills its promises. This will help you bill a ticket and retain a customer. Our consultants can help you establish service packages with price studies by zones of the country.

Please remember that the phrase “he who washes cheap washes more” does not apply in this business. By setting reasonable prices, you can ensure satisfied customers.

Loyalty cards

Many service establishments already use these cards, making them a practical option. This practice has succeeded due to the loyal customer base, who are up-to-date with new promotions and benefits. You can offer benefits such as a complimentary bottle of water, a free birthday car wash, or simply an electronic wallet. This will set you apart from your competitors, resulting in more frequent car washes from satisfied clients and attracting more business as per the magic formula.

Promotions of the day

As in any business, there are good and bad days, but we can change the story in a car wash.

Suppose that in your city, Wednesdays and Thursdays are challenging business days since most of your customers are paid on Fridays. These days, you can offer additional promotions such as a disinfectant scent service or a free instant wax. You can also take advantage of the opportunity for customers with loyalty cards to receive a higher return in their wallet or an additional discount.

The promotions can be chosen according to the city’s movement, helping maintain a consistent number of daily services and increase income.

GreenMatik equipment can wash up to 500 cars daily, ensuring an exceptional car washing experience. We believe that with your enthusiasm and commitment towards your clients, you can build a profitable and sustainable business that can be replicated. Our team ensures your CarWash success.

We will share actual customer stories along with best practices. Stay tuned!

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